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Is The Bitcoin Bear Market Over? An Increasingly Strong Confluence of On-Chain/Technical Indicators Say Yes

Is The Bitcoin Bear Market Over? An Increasingly Strong Confluence of On-Chain/Technical Indicators Say Yes

Six out of eight indicators watched by Glassnode analysts are flashing signs that a bull market could be beginning, with a seventh indicator also soon likely to turn green.

The Bitcoin Bear Market: Is It Really Over?

In this episode of BitcoinDorks, we dive deep into the current state of the Bitcoin bear market. Join us as we analyze the market indicators, expert opinions, and historical patterns to determine if the bear market is truly over or if there are more surprises ahead. Stay informed, make wise investment decisions, and navigate the cryptocurrency landscape with confidence. Subscribe to BitcoinDorks for daily updates on cryptocurrency markets and important news. Happy investing!

Is Crypto In a Bear Market Rally?

Some strong price action recently has provided a lot of optimism for the bulls. But with continuous murmurs of a larger recession looming, many are wondering if this is just a bear market rally?

We discuss everything you need to know and more!

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Is the Bear Market Over for Bitcoin, Crypto, Stocks?

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The Week On-chain: Is the Bitcoin Bear Market Over? – Week 16, 2023 Bitcoin Onchain Analysis)

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Bitcoin has posted the strongest price performance since the all-time-high, with several on-chain indicators signalling strength in support. In this edition, we assess whether the Bitcoin Bear may be behind us, and if a robust recovery is underway.

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Topics for Discussion:
– Overview of the strong market performance in Q1 2023.
– Analysis of the Long/Short-Term Holder Threshold.
– Supply concentrations below, around, and above the spot price.
– Signals regarding market strength, and recovery from a bear.

Getting Started with Glassnode:
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⛓️ On-chain Activity: https://glassno.de/3xXM13Q
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�� Supply Dynamics: https://glassno.de/3NyhPlK
��️ Introduction to Lifespan: https://glassno.de/3ehCmzn
�� Realized and Unrealized Value: https://glassno.de/3ExnCa1
�� Long and Short-Term Holders: https://glassno.de/3QLUzCt

0:00 Introduction
2:37 Performance and Correlation to Gold
5:15 Long/Short-Term Holder Threshold
9:05 Long/Short-Term Holder URPD
11:20 Long-Term Holder Supply
13:45 Percent Supply in Profit
14:42 NUPL
16:05 Realized Cap HODL Waves
17:17 RHODL Ratio
18:00 On-chain Activity
18:55 Recovering From a Bitcoin Bear Signals
22:27 Summary and Conclusions

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