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Welcome To The MiFB Podcast

Have you ever listened to a speaker who just blew you away? Their ideas were so riveting and their concepts so innovative that you felt motivated to try them out … but you weren’t quite sure how?

I remember hearing speakers like that and feeling both inspired and frustrated all at once because I wanted MORE. I wanted to sit with them one-on-one to pick their brain, ask them questions, and learn more about the secrets to their success.

That’s exactly why I created the Masters In Fitness Business Podcast. So I could sit down with masters in the industry and ask them the questions YOU would ask so we can expand your knowledge space and help you succeed!

Each episode features a conversation with an expert about the things you need to grow a successful business. Things like:

  • How to write a solid business plan

  • What tools you need to market and promote your business

  • How to convert leads into sales

  • How to hire and train the right people

  • How to deliver great service and build customer loyalty

  • …and more!

The Masters In Fitness Business Podcast is your go-to resource. In every episode, we’ll inspire you AND we’ll make sure you walk away with the clear steps needed to put the concepts you learned into action.

You know the fitness side. This podcast will teach you everything else.

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