30-Bobby Hines- Are Big Box Gyms Coming After the Small Studio Market?

Bobby Hines quickly went from 1 to 8 Anytime Fitness locations. He still owns 4 and has sold 3. How did he expand so rapidly and what lessons he learned from his failures along the way. We discuss if the Big Box gyms are going after the Training Studio market. Should we be nervous? http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/30-Bobby_Hines-_Are_Big_Box_Gyms_Coming_After_the_Small_Studio_Market.output.mp3 […]

29-Terry Vandermark- How to Stay Relevant in the Fitness Business

Terry Vandermark was Thomas Plummer’s right hand man since 1992. He discusses the 3 biggest mistakes fitness business owners make and how to build a marketing plan that will be successful for your business. He also has lots of stories from his years of working with fitness business owners and Thomas Plummer. http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/29-Terry_Vandermark-_How_to_Stay_Relevent_in_the_Fitness_Business.output.mp3 MiFB Podcast- […]