33-Lisa Kuntz-How to increase your self-awareness and productivity

Do you want your team to take ownership of your business and their jobs? Do you want to increase your self-awareness and become more productive? Lisa Kuntz and MUV worked with my business, Catalyst Strength, to help us achieve these things. The information in this episode can help you do the same. http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/33-Lisa_Kuntz-How_to_increase_your_selfawareness_and_productivity..output.mp3 MiFB Podcast- […]

32 Tony Chemer- The power of systems and how they helped his business evolve and thrive.

Tony’s fitness business was failing so he had to evolve to survive. The systems he put into place not only helped him to not just survive but thrive. We discuss his evolution from an old school body builder gym to a modern training studio. http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/32_Tony_Chemer-_The_Power_of_Systems_in_your_business.output.mp3 MiFB Podcast- Episode 32 Show Notes Tony Chemer Episode Sponsors […]