Neal Spruce is a Fitness Industry Titan. He helped Gold’s Gym grow from 1 location to over 500. He founded, built and sold Apex Nutrition and N.A.S.M. just to name a few. He describes one key change you can make to double your training income. He breaks down the systems he used to create his success so that you can use it too.


MiFB Podcast- Episode 27 Show Notes

Neal Spruce


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MiFB Podcast- Episode 27 Show Notes

Neal Spruce


I talk to Neal about his involvement with the original Gold’s Gym in Venice CA. He started with Gold’s when there was one location and help them build it to 535 locations 5:25

Neal discusses his philosophy of training and nutrition being one thing not two 7:45

Are you selling a service or a product 11:30

Neal discusses why trainers resistant to building nutrition into their product 15:15

How does looking at personal training and nutrition as the same thing impact the bottom line, revenue 17:20

What does Neal’s on-boarding process look like for his trainers 18:20

Neal talks about why everyone needs supplements 24:30

Neal breaks down the difference between high quality and poor quality supplements. He describes “Under Formulation and Protein Spiking” 33:45

The incredible rags to riches story of Neal Spruce 42:25

Neal breaks down his 4 E’s of his approach to business that has created his tremendous success 47:10

Neal breaks down his 5 Rules for long term success 53:40

Where can you go to find out DotFit and Neal Spruce 1:02:00