Terry Vandermark was Thomas Plummer’s right hand man since 1992. He discusses the 3 biggest mistakes fitness business owners make and how to build a marketing plan that will be successful for your business. He also has lots of stories from his years of working with fitness business owners and Thomas Plummer.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 29 Show Notes

Terry Vandermark

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 29 Show Notes

Terry Vandermark

Terry teams up with Thomas Plummer / NFBA (National Fitness Business Alliance) in 1992 5:30

Terry discusses the top 3 reasons fitness clubs fail 7:30

We talk about building a marketing plan that works 17:00

Terry unpacks some of the specifics of advertising and posting on Facebook 25:45

Terry talks about the importance of you being likable 35:50

Terry talks about the quality of content “ C content is better than no content “38:20

The importance os systems to your closing rate and the success of your fitness business 40:25

Terry talks about the impact of Thomas Plummer on his life and the fitness industry 44:35

We discuss how to structure your trial offer to improve your closing rate 47:05

Terry describes the two step selling process and the impact of the quality of your leads 48:00

Terry the importance of looking at your marketing in terms of return on investment and creating a bigger receivables base over time 54:05

What is the sweet spot for the trial offers 55:55

Why you have create value if you want to win in your market 1:00:45

Terry discusses the impact of your systems on your closing rate 1:03:55

Where can you go to get help with these systems for their business 1:06:10

What was Terry’s most successful failure in the fitness industry 1:07:50

What is the biggest surprise that he has encountered in the fitness industry that he didn’t see coming 1:11:41