Bobby Hines quickly went from 1 to 8 Anytime Fitness locations. He still owns 4 and has sold 3. How did he expand so rapidly and what lessons he learned from his failures along the way. We discuss if the Big Box gyms are going after the Training Studio market. Should we be nervous?

MiFB Podcast- Episode 30 Show Notes

Bobby Hines

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Bobby Hines




Bobby Hines

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 30 Show Notes

Bobby Hines- Any Time Fitness

Bobby has owned a total of 8 Anytime Fitness locations , but he shares his humble beginnings with us and how he bought his first location and got started in the fitness business 4:45

Where did Bobby get his start up money and the mindset that Bobby and his wife had that allowed them to move forward 8:45

Bobby and his wife went all in 13:00

How long before his first gym was profitable and why 14:00

Bobby talks about what the grind was like when they started the gym 16:00

When did Bobby know he was ready to open a second location 19:10

Where did he get the money to open the second location 20:55

He breaks down the costs of opening a gym and how to budget it so you need less up front capital 21:10

How the systems that comes with a franchise allowed him to grow to quickly 22:45

Bobby talks about how he packaged his gyms to sell 30:20

Bobby talks about the mistake he made because success made him cocky 31:55

Bobby shares how his first wife passed away from cancer 35:10

How using a broker to help sell his gyms made him more money 35:50

Bobby talks about the struggles that happen behind the facade of success 38:50

He talks about why he had to close one of his gyms 40:20

His success gave him false confidence and how it lead to his biggest failure. His ambition lead to bad business decision making 42:40

How long did it take Bobby to pull the trigger after he knew the location wasn’t going to work 45:30

Bobby talks about the impact of bringing Small Group Training into his gyms 50:50

What advice would he give someone starting out in the fitness business 56:30

What has been the biggest surprise that he has had to deal with in the fitness industry that he didn’t see coming 58:20

Does he see a difference is attrition rates between general memberships and personal training clients 1:00:40

Is Anytime Fitness growing  their market share of Small Group Training clients 1:02:30

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