Does your family and loved ones get the worst of you while your clients and employees get the best of you? Then you may want to listen to this episode. We get real about this topic that tends to be the elephant in the room. We also discuss Marketing strategies and the importance of listening to your client’s needs.


MiFB Podcast- Episode 31 Show Notes

Chuck Gonzalez

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Chuck Gonzalez




Chuck Gonzalez

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 31 Show Notes

Chuck Gonzalez-  Pacific Personal Training and / or CrossFit Hillsboro

Chuck describes his Fitness Business in Portland Oregon 5:15

I give the backstory of why Chuck is infamous in the STS 9:55

Chuck describes why 100% of his small group are females 15:45

He describes his marketing approach and his results 17:10

Chuck describes how he uses the Netflix play to increase conversions to regular memberships 21:40

We talk about how Chuck breaks up his marketing budget,. strategy and why 27:10

Chuck and I discuss the Elephant in the room in finding the balance between business and personal life 37:25

We talk about the need for dynamic balance 42:10

How your home life directly affects the health of your business 46:40

Chuck talks about the importance and impact of emotional communication 47:55

Do your clients get the best of you and your family and friends get the worst of you 52:05

What changes has Chuck made as a result of his divorce 54:05

Chuck describes what he means by Time Freedom 57:40

What advice would he give someone just starting out in the Fitness Business 59:45

What has been the biggest surprise in the Fitness Business that he didn’t see coming 1:02:55