Tony’s fitness business was failing so he had to evolve to survive. The systems he put into place not only helped him to not just survive but thrive. We discuss his evolution from an old school body builder gym to a modern training studio.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 32 Show Notes

Tony Chemer

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Tony Chemer



Paradise Springs Fitness


Tony Chemer

Paradise Springs Fitness

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 32 Show Notes

Tony Chemer-  Paradise Springs Fitness in Wisconsin and VP of Sales with Alloy

Tony tells us about his days on the ESPN Fitness Shows 4:45

Tony tells about his training gym in Wisconsin and why he made the transition from a general fitness gym to a training studio  7:25

When did Tony know that he had to pull the trigger to transition to a training studio 13:35

When did he know that the switch was the right thing to do 17:55

Tony talks about the benefits that the systems in his club offer him


How did he know he had the right team to run his systems and how does he keep his systems from eroding  24:55

Tony talks about getting rid of bad employees 29:15

How does Tony run his gym while he is on the road 33:15

He talks about the Social Media and Marketing for his training studio 34:35

Tony talks about owning the building where his business is located 36:25

What has been Tony’s most successful failure in the business of fitness 40:40

What would he tell someone who was thinking of starting their own training studio 44:35

What has been the biggest surprise that Tony has had to deal with in the business of fitness 46:40

Where in the world can you find Tony 48:20