Do you want your team to take ownership of your business and their jobs? Do you want to increase your self-awareness and become more productive? Lisa Kuntz and MUV worked with my business, Catalyst Strength, to help us achieve these things. The information in this episode can help you do the same.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 33 Show Notes

Lisa Kuntz- MUV

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 33

Lisa Kuntz with MUV

We talk about how we meet and what Lisa and MUV does 4:20

Why I started working with Lisa to build a culture within Catalyst 5:00

Lisa describes the MUV Books and how see developed them 6:05

What impact have the MUV Books had on her life and business 10:20

The importance and daily impact of the Top 5  11:35

Focus on the process not the outcome 16:35

What has Lisa noticed in the past 3 years in using the MUV books with her business 18:30

Two of the key questions in the MUV book 20:15

How does she use the MUV books with her team 21:25

Does she have any date or kpi”s to measure the effectiveness of the MUV Books 22:25

Coach K and the Dream Team 24:40

How Lisa helped us create our culture rules as a team and the effect that has on customer service 26:35

The Shit storm of a first meeting that Lisa walked into at Catalyst 30:00

The process of having the employees take ownership of the business 33:10

The special component of welcoming the whole person 35:25

The direct correlation between personal metrics and professional performance 37:20

What does Lisa think is the best way to implement the MUV books to have the biggest impact on performance 39:05

The importance of celebrating of where you are today 42:15

Lisa shares what she thinks are the keys to having your team take ownership of their jobs and your business 45:20

Why you want to create an environment where it is safe to fail 47:35

How the MUV Books have helped me become a better leader 51:40

The carry over to our hiring process 54:30

The impact of using the MUV books on Catalyst as a business  56:10

Lisa wants to use the MUV books with other businesses and teams 59:00

How can you get in touch with Lisa and the MUV books 1:01:20