Paul Laslett has 5 training studios in the England and Tim Tavender does all the marketing for the business. Their synergy has allowed them to have everything flow together smoothly from marketing to product delivery. This has allowed them to grow rapidly and be successful.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 34 Show Notes

Paul Laslett and Tim Tavender

Thriving Personal Trainers Mastermind

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Paul Laslett and Tim Tavender


Thriving Personal Trainers Mastermind

Paul Laslett

Tim Tavender


My PT Gym dot com

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Derek Sivers Ted Talk link

MiFB Podcast- Episode 34

Paul Laslett and Tim Tavender

Thriving Personal Trainers Mastermind

Paul Laslett talks about getting into the Personal Training Studio business and how he went from 1 studio to 5  :4:40

We discuss how Paul’s studio model is unique and how it helps keeps his costs low and profits hight 7:40

What is the client base for his satellite studios 10:40

We bring  Tim Tavender into the conversation and he discusses the marketing that he brings to the partnership  15:00

Tim describes how Paul is pro-active and this is why his marketing works to get clients 20:25

It takes more than just being a good trainer and cool equipment to get clients and have a successful training business 21:15

Tim breaks down how you need to look at your marketing budget 23:40

Paul describes his view on money coming into the business and how that has helped grow his business 26:15

Paul talks about the time and marketing ratio that makes your marketing work 26:40

Why having a system to convert leads to clients is key to growing your business 28:30

Tim describes why putting a Personal touch on marketing is key to making it successful 30:10

What system does Paul have in place that helps him convert more leads to members 33:40

Tim and Paul break down how to use LInkedIn to get more clients 40:35

All the marketing is useless if you don’t have systems on the backend to deliver the product that has been promised 46:55

Paul and Tim talk about the problems with Off and On marketing efforts and the importance of knowing your numbers 48:10

How do you know when you can afford to outspend your competition 49:00

The importance and impact of being proactive and taking action consistently 49:55

What has been their most successful failure in the fitness business 51:10

What advice would they give someone starting out in the fitness business 53:40

What has been the biggest surprise that they’ve had to deal with in the fitness industry 56:00

Where can you go to get in contact or get more information from Paul and Tim 1:00:05