Joel Capra shares how chasing his competition almost drove him out of business and how he discovered the importance of staying in your lane. Doing what you do better and not chasing your competition. He also discusses the importance of finding and using a mentor and how that made his business much more successful.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 35 Show Notes

Joel Capra

Xtreme Health and Fitness

Dothan AL

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Joel Capra

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Joel Capra

Xtreme Health and Fitness

Tribe Fitness Dothan Alabama


Xtreme Health and Fitness

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 35

Joel Capra

Xtreme Health and Fitness

5:48 I satisfy my own curiosity and ask Joel about his hobby, bodybuilding

Thomas Plummer told Joel exactly how many clients he would get from his bodybuilding show 6:58

Joel describes his business Xtreme Health and Fitness 8:48

Joel decided to shrink his membership to bring up the quality of the product he was offering 10:50

The importance of pricing your product  high enough to make you money 15:43

What are some of the things that Joel is doing to build culture, community and value into his business 18:48

What system does Joel use to convert his marketing dollars into clients 20:58

How many hats is Joel wearing and how many hours a week is he training clients and why 27:03

Why did Joel go from charging sessions to monthly EFTs 29:10

Why did Joel start making more money when he switched over to EFTs 35:28

How he almost went out of business by not staying in his lane and chasing his competition 37:48

Joel tells us the set up that he has that allows him to run his business rent free 44:43

Why is there a bar in Joel’s gym and the special promotions he runs thru the bar 50:58

What has been Joel’s most successful failure in the business of fitness 59:18

What advice would Joel give someone who is just starting out in the business of fitness 1:02:32

What has been the biggest surprise that he has had to deal with in the Fitness Business that he didn’t see coming 1:05:38

Where can you get in touch with Joel Capra 1:07:38