Bruce Racine has built a successful business with an extremely small niche in the hockey world. He has done this by perfecting the Art of coaching. Coaching his students, staff and parents. He shares how he has been successful by concentrating on his niche and coaching that goes beyond the technical aspects.

Bruce won a Stanley Cup ring during his 15 year professional hockey career. He has an impressive pedigree.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 36 Show Notes

Bruce Racine

Racine Goalie Academy

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Bruce Racine

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 36

Bruce Racine

Racine Goalie Academy

I talk about how Bruce and I met :5:25

Bruce talks about his impressive resume and how he developed a passion for goal tending 6:15

Why did Bruce decide to stay in St Louis 9:25

He talks about how he started the Racine Goalie Academy by accident 10:30

How has Bruce been so successful specializing in a niche that is 1% of a hockey team 11:45

When did Bruce decide to do his goalie academy and why it’s been so successful 13:05

What make Bruce and his academy so successful and he breaks down the ingredients of the art of coaching 19:55

How does the art of coaching affect my fitness business 30:40

Bruce details how he builds confidence with his students 31:40

Bruce shares the story of how he prepared his daughter for team interview 35:55

The importance of developing the intangibles to the success of your coaching 38:45

The one change that dramatically increased the sales of his apparel 43:15

How Bruce uses his merchandise to elevate the visibility of his brand 48:40

Bruce talks about how his camp sponsorship works and helps his success 54:15

The importance and impact of getting the kids into your pipeline at an early age and the synergy of teaming up with another specialty 57:45

What has been Bruce’s most successful failure 1:01:30

What would Bruce tell a young coach just starting out 1:07:15

What has been the biggest surprise that he has had to deal with that he didn’t see coming 1:11:05

Where in the world can you find Bruce 1:17:35