Nick Osborne has 35 competitors within a 1 mile radius of his Gym. He survives by diversifying his memberships and smart internal and external marketing. He has 3 clubs in Columbus Ohio and has been in business 18 years.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 37 Show Notes

Nicolas Osborne

Go Fitness is Columbus Ohio

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Nicolas Osborn

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Nicolas Osborne

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 37

Nicolas Osborne

Go Fitness in Columbus Ohio

What qualifies Nick to be on the show 4:15

Nick has the strangest theft in his club 5:55

Nick describes how he set up Go Fitness to stand out and why 10:35

We go thru the evolution of Go Fitness 13:25

The effect of KPIs on Nick’s business 15:15

How does Nick’s Small Group Personal Training model work 17:45

How does Nick use the Alloy programing 30:05

Nick talks about the trouble he had differentiating his Small Group from the Large Group training to his clients 32:55


We talk about the importance and impact of building value into the Small Group training product and how to do that 41:15

What approach is Nick using to get Millennials into his coaching product 44:25

How does Nick survive and thrive in the ultra competitive fitness business market 48:05

We talk retention and retention numbers with Nick 52:40

What type of marketing and system does Go Fitness use to get clients 53:35

What has been Nick’s most successful failure 1:00:35

What advice would Nick give a young trainer starting a fitness business today 1:07:25

What is the biggest surprise in the fitness industry has Nick had to deal with that he didn’t see coming 1:12:35

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