Chris Gilbert is the King of Guerrilla Marketing and he has to be. His Gym, C1 Fit is in a town of 28,000 people is Southern Illinois that doesn’t have a strong social media presence. He has made his gym successful by being a presence in the community and optimizing his role as the Owner in his marketing and PR efforts.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 40 Show Notes

Chris Gilbert

C1 Fit

O’Fallon IL.

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Tim Lyons and ProFit Marketing

MiFB Podcast- Episode 40

Chris Gilbert

C1 Fit, O’Fallon IL

The epiphany that Chris lead him to open his training studio 6:30

The importance of hiring a person of quality and training the skills 8:25

Chris talks about he felt like fraud even thought he had a passion for training and helping people 11:00

Chris started out in a bad business partnership 18:00

Who does Chris use for mentors 24:55

What are some of the biggest changes he’s made that have made the biggest impact on his business 28:05

What makes so good at Guerrilla Marketing 37:45

The impact of being the owner 50:05

What has been Chris’s most successful failure 52:20

What would he tell someone who wants to open up their own training studio 56:05

What has been the biggest surprise that Chris has had to deal with in the fitness industry that he did not see coming 1:00:50

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