Colby runs a 18,000 sq ft facility that does over $1 million in gross revenue in D.C. He’s grown from $120,000 to over a million dollars in revenue in 7 years. We discuss what it takes to make the athletic training side of the business go, a new niche in kids fitness and if he had to do it all over again would he go as big as he is now.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 42 Show Notes

Colby Schreckengost

Next Level Fitness & Performance in Haymarket VA.

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Next Level Fitness & Performance

 Colby Schreckengost





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Tim Lyons and ProFit Marketing

The Sticking Point by Haydn Shaw

Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

MiFB Podcast- Episode 42

Colby Schreckengost

Next Level Fitness & Performance in Haymarket VA.

We learn how to say Colby’s last name. 3:00

I remind Colby how he inspired Jason DeRose to start his business 4:00

Colby shares his experience of playing college football and how that lead him into the fitness industry 7:00

We discuss the evolution of Next Level Fitness & performance which is 18,000 sq. ft and does over 1 million dollars in gross revenue per year 9:30

What were the major changes that Colby had to make when went from independent contractor to a brick and mortar business 19:40

3 years into opening the business he hires a GM and puts in systems and it dramatically impacted his growth and took him from $250,000 to over $1 million in total revenue 23:20

What were the changes the GM made to achieve that type of growth 25:40

Colby describes how he grew to 18,000 sq. Ft and the issues with his athletic training business 30:15

We discuss the issues around running an athletic training business 34:00

Colby starts training kids at age 7 to get them into his pipeline and tiers the training into age and skill groups 38:30

Colby started a youth fitness group for kids that are not active in sports or life 41:45

How he sells the athletic training and scheduling for the athletes 43:20

We discuss the ROI for athletic and performance based training 45:30

We dive into his adult training side that is 75% of his revenue 46:43

What is Colby’s role in the business today 48:20

What does his leadership team consist of and how does it run the business 50:20

How does Colby get warm bodies in the door 52:30

What is his marketing budget 55:55

What has been Colby’s most successful failure 57:00

What would he change if he were to start his business today 59:20

What were the last 2 or 3 books that Colby has read 1:02:35

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