Missy Muller had a failing business then discovered a program that not only saved her business, but allowed her to start making money and may be the future of the boutique fitness market.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 47 Show Notes

Missy Muller

Done Done Fitness

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Tim Lyons and ProFit Marketing

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 47 Show Notes

Missy Muller

Done Done Fitness

0:00 Missy and Done Done Fitness Resume and intro

Why Done Done Fitness 5:05

We get to know Missy and Done Done Fitness 5:55

We discuss what do you mean when you say  Culture 11:35

Missy talks about the perfect storm and partner break up that almost ended the business 12:55

How do Fitness Business owners get into such bad shape 14:40

Where did Missy decide to set her reset point and how did she do it 16:10

Why did Missy Fire clients 19:05

What did she do to put systems in place so that she could scale for growth 21:55

What does her sales process look like from lead to membership 27:05

How did Missy save her business 30:20

The importance of having added value to Small Group verses Large Group sessions 37:25

Missy talks about the importance of running a consistent marketing program 40:00

How she makes her shake bar profitable 40:15

What percentage of her total revenue comes from Fit in 42 45:10

What is her client retention system 46:25

What is Missy’s most successful failure 48:05

What has been the biggest surprise that sh has had to deal with that she didn’t see coming 48:45

Where does Missy get her self improvement material 52:55

Missy’s final message to the listeners 56:15

Where can you get in touch with Missy for more information 57:05

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