MiFB Podcast- Episode 48 Show Notes

Dr Josh Satterlee

FTCA Chiro/Gym Hybrid Group

48-Dr Josh Satterlee- A Brand New Fitness Model Concept. Is it Right for You?

Dr Josh Satterlee saw a need in the fitness market and filled it. It allowed him to own the niche, become an expert in that area of fitness and charge premium fees for his services. He was able to stand out in a very crowded market. He now consults to help others run this model. 


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FTCA Chiro/Gym Hybrid Group




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MiFB Podcast- Episode 48 Show Notes

Dr Josh Satterlee

FTCA Chiro/Gym Hybrid Group

Why did I want Dr Josh Saterlee on the show 4:50

What is FTCA Chrio/ Hybrid group and why should you care 6:20

How did Dr Josh develop this model and make it work 8:30

Why did Dr Saterlee eventually bring trainers in house and train them himself and how did he structure it 12:40

How did Josh wind up selling his business 15:50

Why this model allowed Dr Satterlee to standing out from the crowd and rise above the noise 21:30

We talk about the elephant in the room for business owners 25:55

We talk about the impact of creating a business that connects with it’s clients 30:25

How did Josh structure his Hybrid model 32:05

Josh talks about the reverse flow of information in his staff meetings 40:50

The importance of giving your clients a win every session 43:20

What kind of mindset and skill set should the people who try the Hybrid model need to have 44:45

What you look for in a Chiro and in a Trainer when building the Hybrid model 51:00

What does he recommend for running the admin side of a Hybrid model 56:00

What does Josh consider to be his most successful failure 57:20

What is the biggest surprise that he has had to deal with that he didn’t see coming 59:55

What were the last three books that Josh read 1:03:50

The Super Conference 1:07:50

 Where can you get in touch with Dr Josh Satterlee 1:10:50

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