MiFB Podcast- Episode 59

Rick Mayo

Alloy Training Solutions and Franchise

Secret Trainer Society

John Farkas

Blue Ocean Fitness

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, but the majority of the population dislikes everything that goes with it. This is why selling fitness is hard and we make it harder to sell because we emphasize the process and not the product. I sit down with Rick Mayo and John Farkas and discuss this, customer experience and where you need to position yourself to be successful in fitness in the coming years. 

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Rick Mayo


Blue Ocean Fitness

Alloy Personal Training Center GA

Alloy Personal Training Solutions

Secret Trainer Society



Rick Mayo


John Farkas


Blue Ocean Fitness


Alloy Personal Training Solutions


Secret Trainer Society












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Tim Lyons and ProFit Marketing



MiFB Podcast- Episode 59

Rick Mayo

Alloy Training Solutions and Franchise

Secret Trainer Society

John Farkas

Blue Ocean Fitness

Do yourself a favor and listen to John’s episode of the podcast #5. It will blow you away guaranteed 1:10

Rick touches on some points about where you need to position yourself for what is coming next in the industry 2:10

How the big box gyms are being disruptive to the studio market 5:40

How Big Box Gym operators are looking at Small Group Training 6:30

John Farkas weighs in on the commoditization of Large Group Training 8:20

I weigh in on the subject 8:50

I ask Rick how to capitalize on the gap space he spoke about 9:30

What is John Farkas’s demographic 12:40

Rick shares about one of the most influential demographics in the fitness space that no one is targeting 14:55

Why most people don’t target that demographic 18:55

John shares some of his tricks for capturing that audience 19:25

Let’s go after the population that doesn’t have a gym membership 23:50

John shares is actionable points on customer service and experience 27:45

Rick talks about the impact of secret shopping your clients 38:00

John shares how he implements and trains his team to the 7 points 41:20

The impact of personal follow up with clients 43:35

What do you need to do to position yourself to be successful for the next year and beyond 46:00

We discuss our worst fad and favorite fad in the fitness industry 52:40

We discuss the biggest mistake we see most fitness business owners make 1:02:15

We discuss our pet peeves in the gym 1:05:50

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