MiFB Podcast- Episode 64

June Kahn

Owner at Center Your Body Pilates
Barre Biz Master Trainer at Savvier Fitness
Director of Education at Balance Through Movement Pilates
CEO & Founder at June Kahn’s Bodyworks, LLC
Former LifePower Pilates Coordinator at LifeTime.Life
Former Director of Education at Beamfit, LLC
Former National Event Coordinator at QiGNITION

Business to Business, Community and Professional referral based Marketing

June opened her studio with no existing clients and 1 year later she is full and won the “Best of Boulder”!

She shares how she did it with her B to B and Community based marketing. She also gets 30% of her business by referrals from other professionals. 

Lots of takeaways on this one that you can use tomorrow to get more clients.

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June Kahn



June Kahn


Center Your Body Pilates








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Things mentioned on the Episode

The Perfection Detox

Body Kindess

Enneagram Personalities 

MiFB Podcast- Episode 64

June Kahn

Center Your Body Pilates

How June and I finally meet and how she made it on the show. She has a long and impressive resume 2:25

June corrects me and explains her current situation 3:25

Is June able to get reimbursed by health insurance companies 5:40

The possible new frontier in fitness 7:55

We go back to the 80s and fast forward with June and discuss why she is still relevant in the industry today 9:35

We discuss coming last and they make affect the fitness industry 11:30

Play Span vs Life Span and why Obesity has become the norm 14:25

Coordination with healthcare and nutrition is the new gold 16:25

June gets into the genesis of her successful grass roots marketing 17:25

Why the fitness industry is not doing it’s job 19:20

June discusses why community based marketing works 19:45

What June sees as the evolution of the fitness industry 20:35

Experience is a unique strength 21:45

The “Body Conscious” email 24:15

The personality traits she looks for in her trainers 26:20

June breaks down her community marketing and how that also helps her client retention 27:00

She is up 160% in revenue in one year 28:05

The focus of success 28:35

The importance of knowing your ideal client 29:55

We dive into her B to B and Community based marketing that has made her successful 35:05

What June learned about her clients and social media 42:30

How she got 6 local news feature spots for free 43:40

The total cost for her marketing campaigns $0 44:25

We dive into her press release strategy 45:00

Getting referrals from the medical community 49:50

June shares her Cancer survivor story and how that lead her to where she is today 50:35

Has digital marketing made us lazy 56:40

Why the Referral is the easiest sale you will ever make 58:25

What is June’s most successful failure 1:03:30

What has been the biggest surprise in the fitness industry that she didn’t see coming 1:07:30

Where does June go for her personal and professional development 1:12:40

How do you get more information about June Kahn 1:19:55

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