MiFB Podcast- Episode 65

Kristi Herold

CEO Sport and Social Group

Every Fitness Business owner wants their place to be their clients 3rd place. Work, Home and (insert your business here).

Kristi is a 25 year overnight sensation. She has built her Sport and Social Club into the largest 3rd place in the nation. 

She shares how she built her team and how her team helped her build their business. 

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The Autobiography of a Yogi


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Vivid Vision

Meetings Suck

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 65

Kristi Herold

CEO Sport and Social Group

I introduce Kristi and tell you why she is on the show 2:15

How Kristi is making a difference in the world and peoples lives 3:55

My research and background on Kristi and how she built her company 7:15

Kristi details the growth of the business 13:45

Kristi breaks down their Core values and how they developed them as a team 14:15

Kristi describes how systemization is what helped them grow 15:45

Where did she start with her systemization 19:15

Kristi takes a deeper dive into their Core Values. (This is Gold)20:20

How she built and marketed her business early on 22:55

The turning point for Kristi in her Business 24:40

How did Kristi build her team and develop a valuable resource simultaneously 31:45

We discuss way Kristi increases the value to her members and her revenue at the same time 34:25

How did she acquire her sponsor partnerships 37:40

10 years in she wanted to sell the business. Why she didn’t 38:55

We discuss Real Life Degrees verses University Degrees 41:55

How does she find clubs that she wants to bring under her umbrella 43:55

Kristi describes the platform they built and now license to their clubs 45:55

The Big Leagues of Recreational Sports 53:35

What is Kristi’s most successful failure 54:30

How did she become a better leader 57:40

Where does Kristi go for her professional and personal development 1:00:05

Where can you get in touch with or more information about Kristi and Sport and Social Club 1:06:25

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