Joel Eshelman- Can you be Successful without a Brick and Mortar

Joel went from 5 clients to over 100 in a couple of months. He’s done this with having a brick and motor or employees. He has been able to a create a successful business without the overhead that typically comes with owning a business. Is this better than a typical brick and mortar business? […]

37 Nick Osborne- How to Survive in an Ultra Competitive Fitness Market

Nick Osborne has 35 competitors within a 1 mile radius of his Gym. He survives by diversifying his memberships and smart internal and external marketing. He has 3 clubs in Columbus Ohio and has been in business 18 years. MiFB Podcast- Episode 37 Show Notes Nicolas Osborne Go Fitness is Columbus Ohio Episode Sponsors […]

35- Joel Capra- Do what you do better instead of chasing your competition

Joel Capra shares how chasing his competition almost drove him out of business and how he discovered the importance of staying in your lane. Doing what you do better and not chasing your competition. He also discusses the importance of finding and using a mentor and how that made his business much more successful. […]