37 Nick Osborne- How to Survive in an Ultra Competitive Fitness Market

Nick Osborne has 35 competitors within a 1 mile radius of his Gym. He survives by diversifying his memberships and smart internal and external marketing. He has 3 clubs in Columbus Ohio and has been in business 18 years. http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/37_Nick_Osborn-_How_to_Survive_in_an_Ultra_Competitive_Fitness_Market.output_2.mp3 MiFB Podcast- Episode 37 Show Notes Nicolas Osborne Go Fitness is Columbus Ohio Episode Sponsors […]

35- Joel Capra- Do what you do better instead of chasing your competition

Joel Capra shares how chasing his competition almost drove him out of business and how he discovered the importance of staying in your lane. Doing what you do better and not chasing your competition. He also discusses the importance of finding and using a mentor and how that made his business much more successful. http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/35-_Joel_Capra-_Do_what_you_do_better_instead_of_chasing_your_competition..output.mp3 […]

34-Tim Tavender _ Paul Laslett – The importance of delivering the product you promised

Paul Laslett has 5 training studios in the England and Tim Tavender does all the marketing for the business. Their synergy has allowed them to have everything flow together smoothly from marketing to product delivery. This has allowed them to grow rapidly and be successful. http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/34-Tim_Tavender___Paul_Laslett_-_The_importance_of_delivering_the_product_you_promised..output.mp3 MiFB Podcast- Episode 34 Show Notes Paul Laslett and […]

Is Nutrition or Exercise more important?

You want what millions of other people do—to be lean and fit. Whether you want to trim off extra pounds so you’ll feel better, look better, or be better prepared to tackle whatever demands come your way, you probably want to find the most efficient way to do it. Well, with this email, you can […]

33-Lisa Kuntz-How to increase your self-awareness and productivity

Do you want your team to take ownership of your business and their jobs? Do you want to increase your self-awareness and become more productive? Lisa Kuntz and MUV worked with my business, Catalyst Strength, to help us achieve these things. The information in this episode can help you do the same. http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/33-Lisa_Kuntz-How_to_increase_your_selfawareness_and_productivity..output.mp3 MiFB Podcast- […]

32 Tony Chemer- The power of systems and how they helped his business evolve and thrive.

Tony’s fitness business was failing so he had to evolve to survive. The systems he put into place not only helped him to not just survive but thrive. We discuss his evolution from an old school body builder gym to a modern training studio. http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/32_Tony_Chemer-_The_Power_of_Systems_in_your_business.output.mp3 MiFB Podcast- Episode 32 Show Notes Tony Chemer Episode Sponsors […]

30-Bobby Hines- Are Big Box Gyms Coming After the Small Studio Market?

Bobby Hines quickly went from 1 to 8 Anytime Fitness locations. He still owns 4 and has sold 3. How did he expand so rapidly and what lessons he learned from his failures along the way. We discuss if the Big Box gyms are going after the Training Studio market. Should we be nervous? http://traffic.libsyn.com/trainerjim/30-Bobby_Hines-_Are_Big_Box_Gyms_Coming_After_the_Small_Studio_Market.output.mp3 […]