Masters in Fitness Business Episode 7 Casey Washack

The Washack brothers break into the Fitness Business with a spectacular failure. They lose their business and their homes. Now they are business superstars with 3 clubs and a successful fitness licensing program. Find out how they went from phenomenal failure to financial success. MiFB Podcast- Episode Seven Show Notes Casey Washack

Masters in Fitness Business Episode 6 Jason DeRose

Jason starts his fitness business by accident after he gets laid off from his well paying job. He goes into a depression after his layoff until his buddy Colby inspires him to go for it. Today he has two locations and is a successful business and family man. MiFB Podcast- Episode Six Show Notes […]

Masters in Fitness Business: Justin Grinell

Justin is a successful training studio owner. He owns The State of Fitness an 11,000 sq ft facility in East Lansing Michigan. He also operates a corporate small group training site. He works with Thomas Plummer and the National Fitness Business Alliance helping training studio owners improve their businesses. He has worked with studio owners […]

Masters in Fitness Business: Frank Nash

Frank Nash is a fitness rock star. He has a successful club in Boston, Stronger Personal Training. He has been involved with the National Fitness Business Alliance teaching training studio owners how to market, create and cultivate their brand thru social media. He and Rick Mayo founded the Secret Trainers Society to help training studio owners […]

Where is your normal?

What is your normal? What is your ability to function optimally through out your day? How do you know? How do you measure? Most people don’t take a measure of their normal. They go through their day making choices that affect their ability to function without a thought. What you eat, don’t eat, how often […]