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Nutrition for results and using behavioral science to build culture with Scott Schutte and Nathan Kesterson of Columbia Strength and Conditioning

MiFB Podcast- Episode 13 Show Notes Scott Schütte and Nathan Kesterson Two cerebral club owners who have a unique approach to integrating nutrition with their clients that produces greater results and improved retention. They also incorporate behavioral science to build a great culture with their staff and clients. This not only improves moral and retention, […]

Masters in Fitness Business Episode 12 Micah Logan

MiFB Podcast- Episode 12 Show Notes Micah Logan Micah talks about the lessons he learned after closing his first studio, the importance of securing your client’s financial date, why it’s important to have targeted marketing efforts and why he likes the “Micro” studio model. Episode Sponsors Ceterus- All in One bookkeeping and accounting for […]

Masters in Fitness Business Episode 10 Whitney Carullo

Whitney has used numbers and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive her and Chris’s (her husband) business to a million dollars a year in gross revenue. Find out which KPI’s they use to make their business such a success. MiFB Podcast- Episode 10 Show Notes Whitney Carullo

Masters in Fitness Business Episode 7 Casey Washack

The Washack brothers break into the Fitness Business with a spectacular failure. They lose their business and their homes. Now they are business superstars with 3 clubs and a successful fitness licensing program. Find out how they went from phenomenal failure to financial success. MiFB Podcast- Episode Seven Show Notes Casey Washack

Masters in Fitness Business Episode 6 Jason DeRose

Jason starts his fitness business by accident after he gets laid off from his well paying job. He goes into a depression after his layoff until his buddy Colby inspires him to go for it. Today he has two locations and is a successful business and family man. MiFB Podcast- Episode Six Show Notes […]