The Next Generation of Training Studio with Jason DeBruler ARX

Artificial Intelligence and autonomous programing is making its way into the fitness industry. Will this make Personal Trainers obsolete in the coming years. The answer is yes, unless you continue to make yourself and your business relevant. Jason DeBruler is the CEO of ARX fit and Bio Hack Studios. Tune it to learn more.

Takeaways From This Episode

  • What makes ARX so different?

  • What makes this fitness business model so intriguing.
  • $30 for a 1 on 1 Personal Training session?
  • How must you evolve to stay ahead of the market and remain relevant and profitable.
  • Where are you going to change the world?
  • Is there a profitable neglected demographic?
  • What happens after you buy an ARX?

Video Cut-ups From Our Episode

A Candy store for trainers (~3min)

Bringing a new perspective to the fitness industry (~1min)

Less is not that (~4min)

We nerd out on the science behind ARX Fit (~4min)

The gap in the in the fitness market (~8min)

How can we help that lost demographic (~8min)

A Radical New Business Model? (~6min)

$30 for a Personal Training session and still make a profit (~1min)

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Jason Debruler


Things Mentioned on This Episode

  • Body by Science by Doug McGuff