MiFB Podcast- Episode 17 Show Notes

John and Heather Maio

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 17 Show Notes

John and Heather Maio-

New York Sport and Fitness

How I was introduced to John and Heather Maio 6:00

John gives us the details of New York Sport and Fitness 6:45

Why do they want more training members verses gym members 12:20

How did they get into the fitness business and where did they get the money to buy the building and the business 13:40

What inspired them to expand into the training business and model 17:20

How did they know they were ready to open a 2nd location 21:30

What they walked into in the 2nd location and the challenges that came with it 23:20

Where did they get the money to open the 2nd location 28:40

How much competition do they have in Elmira 31:00

Heather talks about the two distinct populations in the gym 32:00

What does their internal marketing look like 32:40

John talks about the importance of delegation as a business owner 36:55

How do John and Heather discuss how social media drives their culture and message 39:50

What programs do they run internally 44:45

What does their marketing look like for each facility 46:45

Why not go all training verses the hybrid model 54:55

How many leads come thru there website and who set up their website 57:15

What roles do John and Heather play in the business 58:50

What is the biggest surprise they had to deal with in the business of fitness 1:02:15

What advice would you give to someone who wants to open a fitness business tomorrow 1:06:35