Ryan Hence runs 5 successful Amped Fitness locations in Connecticut. Opening 3 of those locations in the past year. He goes into detail on how he creates the culture and systems that are necessary to make it run at a profit.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 20 Show Notes

Ryan Hence

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 20 Show Notes

Ryan Hence- Amped Fitness

How did Ryan get started in the fitness industry and get connected with Amped Fitness :5:10

How did Ryan know this was the right partner for him within 30 seconds of meeting him 6:05

What was it like for them to open their first location 7:15

After they opened up their 2nd locations they had to really nail down their systems and mission 11:10

What was the main driver to get warm bodies in the door when first opened the doors 12:10

What systems are they using that allows them to operate 5 locations successfully 15:00

The importance of having a system for your leads 14:20

Ryan talks about how they built their sales and customer experience system 15:10

Where does Ryan find the right people for his team 18:00

We discuss membership structure and numbers 28:40

What KPI’s does he use to keep each location accountable 29:50

How does he try to convert clients from transformation challenges to regular memberships 35:40

Ryan discusses the management structure he uses to run 5 clubs remotely 37:55

Ryan discusses developing different revenue streams 42:10

Ryan describes how he takes a different approach with each location depending on the local market 46:10

What would Ryan tell someone who wants to open a fitness business today 51:20

What was the biggest surprise that he had to deal with in the fitness industry 51:24

What has been his most successful failure 54:00