Gerry Washack and his brother Casey have been able to open  3 Clubs in 18 months by Running their Play. They have a formula, they stick to it and it works. Every detail matters and is a choreographed move designed to sell the brand and create a member experience that results in success. Start listening to learn the details and how you can run your play.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 39 Show Notes

Gerry Washack

Fit in 42

Palm Desert CA.

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Tim Lyons and ProFit Marketing

Secret Trainer Society

Rick Mayo!/home

Casey Washack

MiFB Podcast- Episode 39

Gerry Washack

Fit in 42  Palm Dessert CA.

We get introduced to Gerry’s 4 clubs, size, structure and numbers 6:35

We talk about the Washack brothers Most Successful Failure that has lead to the incredible success that they have today 7:45

Gerry describes the Fit in 42 model that has enabled them to open 3 clubs in 18 months 15:05

How do they get members in the door 24:35

Gerry describes the Offers they have 27:25

We discuss the philosophy behind Gerry’s pricing structure. Is Unlimited the best option

Gerry had to become a better leader to enable his business to grow 37:35

Why Gerry pays himself a salary 46:15

How does Gerry keep himself involved in the day to day of 4 clubs 48:40

What would Gerry say to someone who wants to open up their own Fitness Business 55:20

What is the biggest surprise in the Fitness Business that he has had to deal with that he didn’t see coming 1:01:00

How can you get in touch with Gerry 1:03:55

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