MiFB Podcast- Episode 49 Tim Lyons

Is Your Fitness Business Built to Grow?

Pulse Fitness / Pro-Fit Marketing Solutions / Built to Grow Podcast

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Do you use marketing tactics or a strategy? Do you know how qualified your leads are? Do you have a system for converting leads to clients? Is your business Built to Grow.

I sit down with Tim Lyons and discuss how to use your marketing as part of an overall strategy to build your business to grow. 

Tim Lyons runs Pulse Fitness, which grosses over 7 figures a year using Tim’s marketing that he perfected with his second business, ProFit Marketing Solutions which has helped thousand of gym owners get millions of clients. 


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Tim Lyons and ProFit Marketing



Built to Grow by Tim Lyons Jr



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MiFB Podcast- Episode 49 Show Notes

Tim Lyons

Is Your Fitness Business Built to Grow?

Pulse Fitness / Pro-Fit Marketing Solutions / Built to Grow Podcast

Gym Shirt Club

Why you need to listen to “The Most Buffed Man in Fitness Marketing” :25

What makes Tim unique and relevant 3:00

Tim describes the difference between strategies verses tactics and why you need to know this 3:40

Direct Response Marketing vs. Branding Style Marketing 4:45

Why should you diversify your marketing efforts and spend and what that should look like 8:45

Why Tim stands above the crowd of Fitness Marketers 12:00

We get into the weeds about Leads, Sales and Systems in Marketing 13:50

Is Website and SEO and your inbound systems are important 20:15

Tim describes the importance and impact of his client rewards program 24:25

Content to Conversion. What is it? Should you be using it? 27:05

We discuss ways to position yourself as a community expert 31:50

We break down marketing budget and how it works 34:55

How do you simplify your marketing and still make it work for me 38:05

Tim wrote a book that you want to read and turned it into a Podcast 45:05

What are the key points you need to know to make sure your business is built to grow 47:30

What are the two biggest mistakes Tim sees fitness business owners making 50:10

What has been the biggest change he has seen recently in Fitness Marketing 53:10

Where does Tim go to get his personal and professional development  56:45

Where in the world can you go to get in contact with Tim Lyons and ProFit Marketing Solutions 1:00:05

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