Kim Wagner and her team at Impulse Training embody why big box gyms will never compete with Personal Training Studios. The vision, team, service and community they have built can never be duplicated in a big box facility. Kim grew up in a small Mennonite community and those values drive her business today. Prepare to be inspired to serve your clients in a way that will enrich their lives.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 38 Show Notes

Kim Wagner

Impulse Fitness

Canton and Akron Ohio

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Operation Christmas Child

Better Future Facilitators

Casey Warshack

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Colin McGarty

MiFB Podcast- Episode 38

Kim Wagner

Impulse Fitness in Canton and Akron Ohio

We qualify Kim as a legitimate Fitness Business owner by going over the specifics of her clubs


Kim tells us how she went from small Mennonite family to a fitness business owner 7:55

Why did Kim switch from 1 on 1 training and Independent Contractors to Small and Large group training and employees and how did it happen 13:35

How did the switch affect the bottom line of the business 17:15

The energy that Kim provides as a leader that has enabled her to grow her business and her team 18:20

When and why did she switch over from Independent Contractors to Employees 15:15

Kim describes how she built her team and got everyone to buy in. Their 20/20 vision and Vision board 25:05

Kim shares some of the things on their vision board and how that has directed the growth of their business 30:10

Kim discusses the impact of gratitude in her life 37:20

What type of marketing does Kim do to keep her business going 38:40

Kim describes what her community outreach efforts look like 43:20

What does her leadership committee look like? What are the roles 48:40

We talk numbers. How has the vision board affected the bottom line and KPIs 52:15

Kim goes into detail about opening their second location 55:15

We talk about Kim simplifying and implementing a new price structure 59:00

We talk about her website and how it was designed and works 1:02:20

What has been Kim’s most successful failure 1:06:00

What advice would Kim give to someone just starting out in the Fitness Business 1:10:05

What is the biggest surprise that Kim has had to deal with that she didn’t see coming 1:14:05

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