Tim runs Pulse Fitness in Scottsdale AZ which grosses 7 figures a year thanks to his other company ProFit Marketing Solutions. They specialize in digital marketing for fitness businesses.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 14 Show Notes

Tim Lyons

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MiFB Podcast- Episode 14 Show Notes

Tim Lyons

Pulse Fitness in Scottsdale AZ

Pro Fit Marketing Solutions

Meet Tim Lyons and Pulse Fitness AZ  7:00

Tim had a unique start into the Fitness Business 8:30

He approached opening his gym from a business management perspective 9:30

The Gym business is easy Right? Wrong! 10:30

His lack of knowledge of the fitness business had him ready to close the doors three months into opening his first gym 11:30

What was Tim’s biggest mistake early on that nearly cost him his business 12:30

For Tim it came down to change or go out of business 13:45

Tim’s second mistake that almost made him go out of business 14:50

What changes did Tim make after being kicked in the balls a couple of times 18:30

Tim’s club Pulse Fitness grosses 7 figures annually, # of club memberships and avg EFT 22:15

What was the plan when he completely changed his business model 24:05

What systems does Tim use to put Pulse Fitness on auto pilot 25:20

Tim starts Pro Fit Marketing specializing in fitness digital marketing 30:55

Tim defines what is a lead 34:30

Tim talks about the results he has generated for his Pro Fit Marketing clients 36:06

The every evolving FB algorithm and the nuances of marketing on social media 36:30

The impact of Ad Spend 39:35

ROI on acquiring a new client 41:59

How do you break thru the noise on FaceBook 43:30

Why Organic Reach on Facebook is dead 46:40

Tim describes the steps to make your business stand above the crowd 49:40

There is no momentum in business, You cannot take your foot off the gas 55:20

How much money do you need to spend on marketing every month to make it effective 57:10

Where can you contact or get more information on Tim Lyons 1:02:30