Thomas Plummer shares from his 40 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. He talks about the importance of being a professional fitness coach/trainer and the impact that can have on your clients and what it takes to have a successful personal training business.

MiFB Podcast- Episode Four Show Notes

Thomas Plummer

Tom’s start in the fitness business- 3:58

The evolution of fitness training gyms – 7:21

How he developed his training model 8:20

How to charge the maximum for 1 on 1 training 15:25

The perspective that client’s with money view personal training 16:25

What is your personal training (skill, expertise) worth 17:30

Why most fitness coaches/ trainers only last 4-6 years 19:20

Why is the age of the professional fitness coach/trainer? 20:15

The age of the million dollar a year fitness studio 22:15

Thomas has clients in 31 different countries and why his model works internationally 22:50

How you need to evolve as you mature in the fitness business industry 24:30

Why your fitness business needs to be bigger than you 26:00

Tom explains why you need to be thinking about money 28:30

Tom talks about the importance of building and controlling your brand 30:45

The importance of presenting yourself as a fitness professional 39:00

The biggest opportunity for professional fitness coaches and trainers today 42:00

Thomas’s big announcement 44:25

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