Jason starts his fitness business by accident after he gets laid off from his well paying job. He goes into a depression after his layoff until his buddy Colby inspires him to go for it. Today he has two locations and is a successful business and family man.

MiFB Podcast- Episode Six Show Notes

Jason DeRose

Meet Jason DeRose 2:55

Jason describes Faster Pittsburg 3:45

Jason gets his start in the Fitness Business 6:50

Dick Butkus,  Ray Crockett and the staff from USC football strength and conditioning comes into the picture 7:50

Jason goes to California and gets inspired. 9:05

He starts with 800 square feet 9:35

Fitness was a part time gig 9:50

He discovers Performance Training 10:40

Jason gets fired up by Todd Durkin 11:05

2012 Jason gets laid off 11:55

Jason is sitting at home depressed and Colby calls him 12:00

Colby gets him inspired to give Faster Pittsburg a full go 12:30

He moves into 7000 sq ft and goes for it 12:40

He goes from seeing 300 bodies a month to 3000 bodies a month 14:15

Where did he get his start up money 14:35

What changes did Jason make going from 800 sq feet to 7000 sq ft 15:15

What did his marketing look like 16:05

How many  members did he start with 20:45

Sub-Leasing to specialty services 21:25

How many trainers does he have 22:05

What makes him comfortable enough to open a 2nd location 22:50

How does he split his time between the two locations 24:20

Every business / location needs a face 26:50

The differences between the original space and the new space 27:15

The importance of providing a phenomenal client experience 29:15

The biggest thing to consider when opening a 2nd facility 29:50

His mentorship and on boarding process for new trainers 31:10

Jason talks about the culture and community of his facilities 37:30

His membership structure for his facilities 39:25

Jason talks about he came to buy the strip center where his business is located 42:25

He talks about leases as a tenant and as a landlord 45:35

Jason’s wife’s role in their business 47:45

How he balances work and family life with his wife 49:10

How he structures his corporate wellness and off site camps 50:45

Jason talks about the lessons he’s learned after 10 years of being in business 54:30

Secret Trainer Society 55:25

What has been the biggest surprise that Jason has had to deal with in business 56:10



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