The Washack brothers break into the Fitness Business with a spectacular failure. They lose their business and their homes. Now they are business superstars with 3 clubs and a successful fitness licensing program. Find out how they went from phenomenal failure to financial success.

MiFB Podcast- Episode Seven Show Notes

Casey Washack

Meet Casey and his businesses 3:20

His membership and pricing structure 4:15

He talks about his soon to open 3rd club 5:40

Casey talks about his start in the fitness industry which ended in spectacular failure 7:15

Are you paying yourself 9:05

Where did they get their start up money 9:35

They started out under funded 10:25

Casey pulls the biggest scam on his wife 11:30

The mistakes start to pile up 12:05

Casey’s brother Gerry talks some sense into him 15:35

They walk away from their business and Casey loses his house 16:05

He talks about hitting rock bottom 18:00

The Washack brothers get a fresh start with a Biggest Loser campaign that goes bust 20:05

The genesis of Fit in 42 21:05

Casey talks about his mom dying from a heroin overdose 21:00

Casey describes how Fit in 42 works 26:15

The importance of developing a sense of community with your clients during the on boarding process 29:45

How Casey is helping other gym owners avoid the mistakes that he and his brother made 31:30

The importance of strategic timing of client campaigns 32:30

The Fit 42 program is in 30 gyms 33:20

The importance of having systems to operate your gym 34:25

The most dreaded word you can ever hear your staff say 36:10

What evolution looked they in their gym 37:00

The importance of hearing feedback from clients and staff 39:00

How did they negotiate the new lease 41:00

Casey talks about why you need to stay in your lane 42:45

He talks about why the margins are so high for Fit in 42 44:25

How do you get people to jump over that high barrier to entry 46:45

How do you transition the Fit in 42 participants into a regular membership 49:30

What membership do they drive the Fit in 42 members toward 55:25

How do they define Semi Private training vs Small Group training 55:40

How do they run the day to day of 3 clubs 57:30

How the Washack brothers split the duties of running 3 gyms and a license affiliate program 59:00

Having a great team with systems for them is what has allowed them to grow 1:00:00

What is the biggest surprise the Washack brothers have encountered in the fitness business 1:01:30

Do training certifications help you move the needle on the bottom line 1:02:44

Should you have 10 different certifications in 10 different areas of expertise 104:10

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