Colin’s club “SeaCoast Kettlebell” has 500 members in a town of 27,000 people in New Hampshire. Learn how he uses content marketing to get 30 new leads a month into his club.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 8 Show Notes

Colin McGaraty

Meet Colin: 4:05

Colin describes the beginning and growth of Sea Coast Kettle Bell 5:10

What got Colin started in the Fitness Business 7:45

Where did Colin get his start up money 8:15

How did Colin go from organized chaos to smooth running systems in his business 9:35

Colin starts a training program for new hires because he wants to be professional 11:30

The hiring and training of his staff freed up his time to make the business grow 13:55

The importance of assigning roles to staff members 14:10

How does Colin on board new clients 16:45

How does he address client retention 20:00

Colin talks about how he handles leads coming into the club 21:10

How Colin talks about his content marketing

strategy 21:50

How Colin’s role has changed as his business has grown 22:25

Why the owner is the best person to drive new business and marketing 22:35

Does your website pass Colin’s grunt test 23:15

How many things should you try to sell on your website? 26:20

Why is Colin bored in his business 27:15

Why you have to squash your ego and let your staff be rockstars 29:30

How did Colin decide which responsibilities to delegate first 30:45

What percentage of SeaCoast KB leads come from the website 31:10

Colin talks about his content strategy that creates leads for the business 31:30

What marketing is Colin trying now 34:50

How did he get hooked up with Thomas Plummer and the National Fitness Business Alliance 35:10

What’s the biggest surprise in the Fitness Business that Colin did not see coming 36:55

How did Colin change his perspective towards money 39:00

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