John Farkas describes how he killed his abductor in self-defense. The dark place it took him too and how he recovered from that event and used it to propel him into the successful fitness business that he runs today.

MiFB Podcast- Episode Five Show Notes

John Farkas

John describes Blue Ocean Fitness- 3:50

How John got his start in the Fitness Business, You don’t want to miss this – 4:50

John gets a chain wrapped around his neck and padlocked shut- 7:50

His abductor comes at him with a cattle prod – 9:10

His abductor comes back with a rifle and tells him to take his clothes off – 9:50

John talks him down – 10:40

His abductor fires a shot at John -12:20

John fights for his life – 13:25

John kills his abductor-15:50

John frees himself and flags down help – 16:45

The investigation into the killing begins -18:00

The truth comes out about his attacker-19:04

He went into a deep dark depression with a lot of alcohol and drug abuse- 21:50

The turning point in John’s life – 25:30

The lasting effects of this event – 27:15

Coming out the other side. A new perspective- 29:25

John moves to get a fresh start -32:25

John discusses opening Blue Ocean Fitness and the beginnings – 36:00

John makes it work with a bare bones approach and budget and equipment – 38:50

How many clients did John start out with? – 41:25

How did he collect money from clients- 41:45

John decides it’s time to expand – 43:15

John’s plan when he opened his studio- 44:45

John gets inspired and it doesn’t go as planned – 45:45

He had trouble finding a space – 49:35

John trains his clients on a tennis court while he looks for a brick and mortar space – 50:50

John expands his studio – 52:20

How John negotiates his build out into his lease – 53:10

How has his business evolved since the expansion – 55:30

John talks about how his team and systems helps his business be successful -56:40

He talks about why communication is important with his team – 58:10

The importance of on-boarding clients – 59:30

John talks about STS – 1:00

John finds a mentor Frank Nash – 103:15

How STS has improved his business and business skill set – 104:30

The secret sauce to success in the fitness industry – 108:30

The way evolution looks in an individual – 111:05

The struggles to starting a business – 113:10

A change in perspective. An attitude of gratitude -114:20

John biggest things that he didn’t see coming in his fitness business -115:35

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