How to be Profitable on Day One with Amanda Goolsby

Membership Pre-Sale Expert

Amanda got on with Orange Theory on the ground floor and help grow them to the Industry Leader they are today. One of the main ways she helped them grow is with membership pre-sales. Orange Theories aren’t allowed to open with less than 500 members.

Now she runs her own business and has geeked out on the Pre-Sale process. Details, timing and execution matter for successful pre-sales.

She breaks down the process into simple, repeatable steps that you can use.

Takeaways From This Episode

  • How to open up with clients and revenue on day one.
  • How to open a Second location and make it profitable quickly.
  • The Power that Pre-Sale brings to your Business and Brand.
  • The Mindset, budget, team, tailor, organize, and other components of an effective Pre-Sale
  • How to leverage your Grand Opening
  • How the game changes after opening

Mindset and Development

  • What has been Amanda’s most Successful Failure?
  • In her time in the fitness industry, what has been the biggest surprise that he’s had to deal with?
  • Where does Amanda go for his personal and professional development?

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