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As a sponsor of the Masters in Fitness Business (MIFB) Podcast, you can reach inside the hearts and minds of studio owners with exclusive offers that show how your product or service is perfectly suited to help them grow their business.

The Masters In Fitness Business Podcast is the #1 podcast for independent owners of personal training studios.

Host Jim Adams will work with you to create a customized, personalized “live read” message designed to entice our listeners to take advantage of your exclusive offers.

Benefits of Podcast Sponsorship

  • “Live reads” of your exclusive offer during every podcast
  • Targeted audience

  • Personalized messaging to reach your ideal customer demographic

  • Logo inclusion on the MIFB website with a 2-3 sentence description of your product or service

  • Dedicated and trackable link to your website offer, discount, or promotion

  • Excellent, targeted reach with 1700+ podcast downloads each month

  • Bonus reach to members of the Association of Fitness Studios

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When it comes to your marketing and advertising dollars, you could cast a wide net on other mediums and hope to reach your audience. Or, you can rest assured knowing your MIFB Podcast sponsorship is giving you the most for your money by reaching your target audience.

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