Tim Fulton -author of Small Business Matters- Shares about how to avoid entrepreneurial myths that can destroy your business and the best way to improve the profitability and value of your business.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 28 Show Notes

Tim Fulton

Small Business Matters and Small Business Matter and All that Jazz

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TIm Fulton

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Small Business Matters and All That Jazz


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MiFB Podcast- Episode 28 Show Notes

Tim Fulton

Tim talks about why everyone should have an exit strategy for their business 6:50

Tim talks about timing, and types of exits 8:30

How much money do I want when I sell my business 11:20

What are the risks that will get in the way of a graceful exit from my business 12:15

A high percentage of exits are involuntary 13:25

How can you 10 X the value of your business 14:10

By creating systems in your business you go from delivering a service to delivering a product 17:50

Tim talks about why products are easier to sell and product businesses sell for a higher multiple 21:45

What are some of the entrepreneurial myths that Tim has run into 22:15

What is the fatal assumption that most technicians make when starting a business 24:50

The 2nd myth is Running this business has to get easier 27:40

What are  the  growth barriers of a business 29:15

What is the 4% Club of Business Owners 26:25

How can we predict if a business owner has what it take to be successful 35:15

What is the answer behind 17 months 43:50