Kyle Watson – Ep_21 Enhanced customer experiences creates success.

Kyle Watson (Ultimate Fighter season 12, UFC ) By focusing customer experience and culture he has built a successful martial arts school. He was able to buy the 10,000 sq ft building where his school is located and continues to grow.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 21 Show Notes

Kyle Watson

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Episode 20 Ryan Hence . Are you Creating or Killing the culture in your gym?

Ryan Hence runs 5 successful Amped Fitness locations in Connecticut. Opening 3 of those locations in the past year. He goes into detail on how he creates the culture and systems that are necessary to make it run at a profit.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 20 Show Notes

Ryan Hence

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Masters in Fitness Business Ep 19 Josef Brandenburg. Are you keeping all the money your business is making? Is selling your business the best exit strategy?

Josef discusses if selling your business is the right exit strategy, the right way to do your accounting if you want keep the money your business makes and running a women’s only fitness facility.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 19 Show Notes (more…)

Ep-17 Can Big Box gyms do Small and Large Group Training well? Find out with John and Heather Maio

MiFB Podcast- Episode 17 Show Notes

John and Heather Maio

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Episode 16 Clint Howard- How to use your email lists to grow your business.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 16 Show Notes

Clint Howard

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Episode 15 Rich Mejias. He has 300 members in a 2000 sq ft club.

Rich Mejias has 3 training studios in New Jersey with a 4th one coming in 2018. He has been able to expand so fast due to the business model he uses. His flagship store boosts 300 members in a 2000 sq ft facility.


MiFB Podcast- Episode 15 Show Notes

Rich Mejias (more…)

Does your marketing make your business 7 figures per year? Tim’s Pulse Fitness does using ProFit Marketing. Episode 14 Tim Lyons

Tim runs Pulse Fitness in Scottsdale AZ which grosses 7 figures a year thanks to his other company ProFit Marketing Solutions. They specialize in digital marketing for fitness businesses.

MiFB Podcast- Episode 14 Show Notes

Tim Lyons (more…)

Nutrition for results and using behavioral science to build culture with Scott Schutte and Nathan Kesterson of Columbia Strength and Conditioning

MiFB Podcast- Episode 13 Show Notes

Scott Schütte and Nathan Kesterson

Two cerebral club owners who have a unique approach to integrating nutrition with their clients that produces greater results and improved retention.

They also incorporate behavioral science to build a great culture with their staff and clients. This not only improves moral and retention, but helps improve the bottom line.


Masters in Fitness Business Episode 12 Micah Logan

MiFB Podcast- Episode 12 Show Notes

Micah Logan

Micah talks about the lessons he learned after closing his first studio, the importance of securing your client’s financial date, why it’s important to have targeted marketing efforts and why he likes the “Micro” studio model.

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