58- Have you Had Your Most Successful Failure Yet? How do you Know? Rick Mayo

MiFB Podcast- Episode 58

Rick Mayo

Alloy Training Solutions and Franchise

Secret Trainer Society

Are you resilient enough to take a devastating event in your business and turn it into one of your greatest successes? Rick Mayo did just that. His business went from $83,000 to $12,000 per month in gross revenue nearly costing him his business. Today he operates one of the most successful privately held Fitness Licensing and soon to be Franchise models in the industry. He couldn’t have done it without that initial devastating loss. Tune in to find out how he did it and continues to grow his success today. 

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57-Are you Building a Team for Success or trying to do it all yourself ? Jamie Zubia

MiFB Podcast- Episode 57

Jamie Zubia

ABC Financial

Are you working yourself to death in your business because you feel like you have to do everything? You don’t! Start building a team around you that will create success for everyone on your team.

Jamie Zubia has built teams for success in over a half a dozen countries. He shares his fundamental steps to building a team built for success in this episode. 


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56-How to Stick with What Works- Ryan Obernesser

MiFB Podcast- Episode 56

Ryan Obernesser / Part 2

O.B Training and Sports Performance

Gym Profit Take Off

Run one offer or program that is successful instead of trying various ones that produce mediocre results. 

Ryan has tailored his specialty programs and challenges down to the last detail. They generate 10 to 15 thousand dollars of revenue every 6 weeks over and above his membership EFT. 

We dive into the details of what makes a successful program and how to implement it in this episode. 

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Do you want more clients or more money from your clients?

MiFB Podcast- Episode 55

Ryan Obernesser

O.B Training and Sports Performance

Gym Profit Take Off

Do you want to increase the revenue from your existing clients by 50 / 75 or 100 percent. Ryan Obernesser has been able to do that with his multiple programs in his business. 

He opened his business 5 years ago with no clue how to run a business and has developed his business skill set. He says his business is not set to gross 7 figures this year. 


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Never Apologize for Making Money- Frank Nash

MiFB Podcast- Episode 54

Frank Nash

Stronger Personal Training

dotFIT Nutrition

Secret Trainer Society

54- Never Apologize for Making Money

Are you or staff afraid to ask for the sale? Is your brand appealing to your audience? Are you training your staff correctly?  Are you doing the one thing that will make you stand apart from the crowd? Are your systems making or losing you money? 

Frank Nash is a Fitness Business Rock Star who has made all these mistakes and tells you how to avoid them and recover from them. 

Frank’s clubs look like virtual reality inside and they make money. Lots of money. He speaks all around the country and is an overall dope dude. 


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Being an Amazing Trainer is not Enough. You have to know how to run a business. Khaled ELmasri

MiFB Podcast- Episode 53

Khalid ELmasri

Rise: Elevate Your World.

Fitness Business Conference

Being an Amazing Trainer is not Enough. You have to know how to run a business. 

A lot of great trainers don’t succeed or leave the industry because they lack the skill set to run a successful business. 

Khaled wants to help change this. He launched Rise: Fitness Business Conference with the goal of helping 10,000 trainers. 


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52-How to Increase Your Revenue by Making your Members Raving Fans-Don Murphy

MiFB Podcast- Episode 52

Don Murphy

Gold’s Gym Newburgh NY

Gold’s Gym  Middletown NY

How to Increase Your Revenue by Making your Members Raving Fans.

Are you able to increase your prices and members at the same time? Are your clients raving fans that generate more revenue and referrals? Don Murphy has done this and shares how he did it on this episode of the podcast.

Don and his wife operate two Gold’s Gyms in New York. They are two of the largest and most successful Gold’s Gyms. 


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Are You the Person You Need to Be to Achieve Your Goals?

MiFB Podcast- Episode 51 

Colin Dingelstad- Beyond Social Conditioning / Transformational Coaching. 

Are you the person you need to be to achieve your goals?

Do you have goals that you’ve had for a long time and not been able to reach them? Maybe you’re not to person you need to be to reach your goals. Colin Dingelstad is a Transformational Coach who works with business owners to help them change habits, thought patterns and perspectives so that reaching their goals is a by product of who they are. Are you the person you need to be to reach your goals.  

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Principals of a High Profit Fitness Business

MiFB Podcast- Episode 50 Joe Meglio

Principals of a High Profit Fitness Business

Game Changer Strength and Performance

Is bookkeeping or accounting your strength? For most of us it’s not. So how do you grow a profitable business. A business that works for you and not the other way around. 

There is nothing more frustrating than working your ass off and having nothing to show for it. Joe Meglio breaks down the Principals of running a Highly Profitable Business. If you want to take home more of the money you’re making and start putting your money to work for you then this is the episode for you. 


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Is Your Fitness Business Built to Grow?

MiFB Podcast- Episode 49 Tim Lyons

Is Your Fitness Business Built to Grow?

Pulse Fitness / Pro-Fit Marketing Solutions / Built to Grow Podcast

Gym Shirt Club

Do you use marketing tactics or a strategy? Do you know how qualified your leads are? Do you have a system for converting leads to clients? Is your business Built to Grow.

I sit down with Tim Lyons and discuss how to use your marketing as part of an overall strategy to build your business to grow. 

Tim Lyons runs Pulse Fitness, which grosses over 7 figures a year using Tim’s marketing that he perfected with his second business, ProFit Marketing Solutions which has helped thousand of gym owners get millions of clients. 


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