What is your normal? What is your ability to function optimally through out your day? How do you know? How do you measure? Most people don’t take a measure of their normal. They go through their day making choices that affect their ability to function without a thought. What you eat, don’t eat, how often you move, your mindset and your sleep patterns all affect your level of normal. Is it high or low. You only notice your normal when it changes and if it goes up or down do you make the connection to what makes it go up or down?

If you wake up tired, feel sluggish, have a mid afternoon crash, depend on caffeine to make it thru your day and have difficulty sleeping that is your normal. That is a low level of normal. By changing a few simple things you can raise your normal to a higher level of functioning. You can have more energy, increase your mental sharpness all day. You can do more.

Years ago I started working with a client who was preparing for a triathlon. After his assessment we implemented his training plan and his performance started to improve. I wanted to address his nutrition, but he said he wasn’t ready so we stuck with his training. His performance started to plateau. He became ready to change his nutrition and his performance started to improve again. He was feeling great. He came in after a weekend of eating the way that he used to and was dragging. He said he felt awful and sluggish. I told him that he used to feel that way all the time. That had become his normal. He wasn’t able to recognize this new level until he was slammed back down by his old habits.

Start to take notice of your normal and make the connections to what makes it improve or diminish. The smallest changes will surprise you by how much they improve your ability to function at a higher level. Eat breakfast, make healthier food choices, read something that challenges and motivates you, change you sleeping habits. Choose to make one or any of these choices and you will start operating at a higher normal.